Closing the Federal Data Skills Gap

Big Data and data analytics can contribute greatly to success of¬†organizations, both public and private sectors alike. Data has the potential to affect workforce efficiency, decision making processes, reduce waste and improve organizational productivity. Blocking progress to realization of these, and other benefits in the public sector, is the data … [Read more...]

Avoiding Complacency Risks: Basic Proficiency in Microsoft Office Isn’t So Basic

This is the 2nd article in a series on avoiding complacency risks in organizations. Although the Microsoft Office Suite isn't always viewed to be at the cutting edge of innovation, for many private and public sector employees, it serves as an important technological gateway. If your job involves staring at a computer screen, then … [Read more...]

Professional Development for the Innovative Organization

When employees in government hear “professional development,” the term often becomes synonymous with training. If there is a perceived knowledge gap, train it away. If there is a new topic employees need information about, then more training is needed. Accordingly, professional development often involves reactive, … [Read more...]