Strategic Development of Operational Activities

The strategic development of functional operational activities from higher-level business processes is a task that all organizations strive to master and continuously improve. The Department of Defense (DoD) Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer has published the Department of Defense End-to-End Process Integration Framework  in order to … [Read more...]

A Basic Big Data Introduction for Non-Technical Leaders

Contributed by Dr. Paul Eder Most companies, outside of large analytics-oriented shops like Google and Amazon, have struggled to find ways to translate Big Data analytics into bottom-line revenue. Part of the disconnect in creating bottom-line results from Big Data may be due to a lack of leadership sophistication around the concept of Big Data … [Read more...]

Organizational Design to Support a Changing Strategy

Jay Galbraith’s Star Model of organizational design is a well-known and widely implemented concept in both the public and private sectors. The Model instructs organizations to use the business strategy or agency mission to drive structure decisions. Based on these existing structures and processes, further development of human resource capabilities … [Read more...]

Government Social Media Impact

Social media is a powerful tool for organizations of all types, including governments. Government agencies can use social media to interact with people and other organizations, raise awareness about key issues, deliver important messages to citizens and more. In order to gain the most benefit from social media use, government agencies must … [Read more...]

Decision-Making Tools for Better Outcomes

The ability to make a decision with a high probability of a successful outcome is one of the most coveted skills in the business world. Choosing between divergent paths can often spell the difference between organizational growth and stagnation. Innovation and success can come about as the result of thoughtful and strategic decisions, but some … [Read more...]

Strategies for Fostering Innovation

The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government (HKS) recently concluded a 3-part paper miniseries that “explores emerging strategies to strengthen the civic, institutional, and political building blocks that are critical to developing novel solutions to public … [Read more...]

Using the Balanced Scorecard to Measure Strategic Objectives

This is the second article in a series on implementing the Balanced Scorecard in your organization. Most organizations are looking for ways to employ meaningful strategies to drive their day-to-day operations. Implementing the Balanced Scorecard is a realistic way to define goals and strategies that will make your organization successful and … [Read more...]

Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard

This is the first article in a series on implementing the Balanced Scorecard in your organization. Though government agencies and private sector organizations only began learning about and depending upon the Balanced Scorecard as recently as the early 1990's, the concept has been around much longer. In fact, French process engineers began … [Read more...]

Regression Analysis – What It is and How It is Used

Have you ever wondered whether the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has too many auditors, whether tax rates are too high for anticipated spending levels, how much money taxing marijuana would generate, or whether a governmental entity could close certain operations to improve its bottom line? These examples, and thousands of others, represent a few … [Read more...]

Executive Brief: GAO Cites Effective Collaboration as a High Risk for the Government

  The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) stresses the importance of effective collaboration between agencies and governments. A lack of such collaboration could pose significant complications in addressing the needs of the public and accomplishing strategic goals. Could an Annual Government-Wide Performance Plan Be the … [Read more...]