GAO Reports on DATA Act Governance

Mention the Federal Government, and it is impossible not to picture mountains of data. The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) is intended to provide a structure, which includes the creation of Federal data standards, in order to more effectively use and analyze the significant amount of available Government data. The intent of … [Read more...]

Big Data at Work – Where to Begin?

Analyzing data to improve organizational outcomes is not a new concept. From “Decision Support” to “Business Intelligence” to “Big Data”, the idea of data analysis is not new. What is new is the sheer volume, types, and increased availability of data to improve organizational outcomes. With the number of active wireless connected devices … [Read more...]

Basics of Open Data Policy and Federal Awards

Open Data is a U.S. initiative brought about through an Executive Order, Making Open and Machine Readable the New Default for Government Information. The goal is to collect and organize data gathered by Executive Agencies through the normal course of business, which is then placed into a comprehensive information system that allows data to be … [Read more...]

Effective Data Drives Innovation and Efficiency

The University of Texas at Austin, in conjunction with the Indian School of Business, conducted a three-part study on the organizational impacts of data, which included the publication, Impacts of Effective Data on Business Innovation and Growth. This intensive study examined over 150 organizations within every major industry. The study aimed to … [Read more...]

Closing the Federal Data Skills Gap

Big Data and data analytics can contribute greatly to success of organizations, both public and private sectors alike. Data has the potential to affect workforce efficiency, decision making processes, reduce waste and improve organizational productivity. Blocking progress to realization of these, and other benefits in the public sector, is the data … [Read more...]

A Basic Big Data Introduction for Non-Technical Leaders

Contributed by Dr. Paul Eder Most companies, outside of large analytics-oriented shops like Google and Amazon, have struggled to find ways to translate Big Data analytics into bottom-line revenue. Part of the disconnect in creating bottom-line results from Big Data may be due to a lack of leadership sophistication around the concept of Big Data … [Read more...]

Is Big Data Important for Non-Technical People?

Over the past several years, it seems as if anyone who speaks the language of technology has reached the consensus that “Big Data is the future.” With the Big Data market projected to reach $50 Billion by 2017, it is easy to see how IT professionals reach that conclusion. Accordingly, it can be assumed that understanding Big Data and its … [Read more...]

Best Practices for Big Data Adoption

Despite the fact that the public sector has fallen behind private industry in embracing Big Data, recent survey results suggest that Big Data analytics are beginning to drive management decisions in government. In the recent GovLoop Guide, Innovations that Matter: Examining the Big Data Frontier, 73% of public-sector employees surveyed said that … [Read more...]

Big Data Empowers Citizens and Improves Services

Big Data gets a lot of press these days; often to point out potential mismanagement, security issues or other challenges associated with Big Data collection and usage. But there are many areas where Big Data is being used well, and helping governments to help their constituents. Through public/private partnerships with technology companies, … [Read more...]