• The Diversity of Scrum Today

    Scrum is a framework for developing and sustaining complex products. While traditionally used for software development, many other industries and professionals are now recognizing the value of Scrum. A recent survey, The 2015 State of Scrum Report, suggests that Scrum is growing in popularity among various industries and is being used in a … read more

    Big Data at Work – Where to Begin?

    Analyzing data to improve organizational outcomes is not a new concept. From “Decision Support” to “Business Intelligence” to “Big Data”, the idea of data analysis is not new. What is new is the sheer volume, types, and increased availability of data to improve organizational outcomes. With the number of active wireless connected devices … read more

    Strategic Development of Operational Activities

    The strategic development of functional operational activities from higher-level business processes is a task that all organizations strive to master and continuously improve. The Department of Defense (DoD) Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer has published the Department of Defense End-to-End Process Integration Framework  in order to … read more

    IT Acquisition Added to GAO High Risk List

    The United States Government invests nearly $80 billion annually for IT functions. Despite initiatives to better administer these acquisitions, IT investments continue to experience program failures on a massive scale. Over a 5 year period, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) recommended over 700 improvements for IT acquisitions and … read more

    A Basic Big Data Introduction for Non-Technical Leaders

    Contributed by Dr. Paul Eder Most companies, outside of large analytics-oriented shops like Google and Amazon, have struggled to find ways to translate Big Data analytics into bottom-line revenue. Part of the disconnect in creating bottom-line results from Big Data may be due to a lack of leadership sophistication around the concept of Big Data … read more

    Organizational Design to Support a Changing Strategy

    Jay Galbraith’s Star Model of organizational design is a well-known and widely implemented concept in both the public and private sectors. The Model instructs organizations to use the business strategy or agency mission to drive structure decisions. Based on these existing structures and processes, further development of human resource capabilities … read more

    Government Social Media Impact

    Social media is a powerful tool for organizations of all types, including governments. Government agencies can use social media to interact with people and other organizations, raise awareness about key issues, deliver important messages to citizens and more. In order to gain the most benefit from social media use, government agencies must … read more

    Are Your Metrics Lying to You?

    In today’s business world, it is almost impossible to find an organization that does not establish and track metrics for any number of business purposes. Accordingly, many relevant and beneficial methodologies for implementing metrics exist, such as The Balanced Scorecard. The assumption is that an organization that regularly monitors … read more

    Decision-Making Tools for Better Outcomes

    The ability to make a decision with a high probability of a successful outcome is one of the most coveted skills in the business world. Choosing between divergent paths can often spell the difference between organizational growth and stagnation. Innovation and success can come about as the result of thoughtful and strategic decisions, but some … read more

    Getting the Most Value from Virtual Decision-Making Tools

    Multiple decisions occur every day in most organizations, and in a variety of contexts, from budget prioritization, to sequencing of project tasks, to the best wording for an advertisement. Often these decisions occur in the context of corporate meetings, which tend to be viewed as wasteful and unproductive at least 25% of the time. Virtual … read more