What is Executive Coaching?

By Contributing Writer, Rennie R. Cook, M.Ed., Owner/President, The Triumph Team, LLC I have recently become a huge fan of the NBA. Honestly, I took a sabbatical from the league when my childhood hero, Michael Jordan, retired. But with the arrival of the Thunder to my hometown OKC and league all-star Kevin Durant, my love for the league has … [Read more...]

Know the Real-time Pulse of Your Workforce

There is no large-scale survey effort in government with a more sweeping impact on employee time and attention than the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FedView). Agencies and sub-agencies throughout the government MUST act on the results - and the actions MUST impact results in the future (FedSmith).  The intent of the survey is … [Read more...]

Organizational Development Falters When Leaders Fail to Give “Permission” to Change

The takeaway from most meetings may be that one hot topic that got everyone talking, but in the end failed to move the needle toward much needed change. Indeed, the progression of organization development can come to a standstill if everyone waits for someone else to say what needs to be said to break open the logjam of ideas that often … [Read more...]

Setting the Tone: The Power of Agendas to Facilitate Communication in the Public Sector

It's Monday morning in the public sector. Management and staff pass through security checkpoints; ID badges dangle around employees' necks. They're early today because they want to check their schedules and see what the week holds. They arrive at their desks, sit down, and fire up the computer or the smartphone calendar app. They groan when … [Read more...]

Visual Storytelling: How to Add Compelling Stories to Your Presentations

Image, story, emotion, action -- these are the elements of visual storytelling. Throughout recorded history, humankind has told stories to communicate important concepts. With modern technology, anyone can be a storyteller. Even if you lack the skills and equipment to create a video that tells your story, you can use static images and your … [Read more...]

Support Organizational Development with Effective Meetings

How often do you sit in a meeting that seems to lack focus? There is no successful organizational development strategy that includes a gathering of people who are distracted by thoughts of what else could be getting done and frustrated by the length of the meeting. A shift towards a more efficient organization includes something that occurs at the … [Read more...]

Team Work Lessons from Elementary School

There are many things about elementary school that most of us are glad we got to leave behind in the sixth grade...school bus rides, lukewarm milk, playground bullies, and silent lunches, to name a few. (Or was that last one just my school?) But all that aside, there are many valuable lessons from elementary school that can help you navigate the … [Read more...]

Managing Innovation in Change-Conservative Agencies

 Implementing change and innovation within Government agencies is not easy. Leaders can face challenges such as resistance to change, lack of internal support, and a lack of resources. However, innovation is often necessary and innovative improvements are in the best interest of the public sector’s constituency. Differing Views on the Definition … [Read more...]

GAO Promotes Reform in Human Capital Management – Part I

Reform is needed in human capital management, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). As we’ve entered the 21st century, this need has increased, and is compounded by long-term fiscal management issues and ever-changing threats to national security. Why Reform Now? The GAO says that in order to address the complex … [Read more...]

Tips for Designing Effective Meetings

Your employees and colleagues are usually just as busy as you are, so when you call a meeting, it is your responsibility to make it efficient so you can all accomplish what you need to do in the meeting and be able to get back to your other tasks. One of the best ways to do this is by designing your meeting intentionally, ideally spending more time … [Read more...]