Change Management Starter Kit

In today’s competitive climate, efficiency is more important than ever. With lean teams working harder to deliver your service to customers, you can help to implement improvements by making your change management process as effective and painless as possible. Here are five keys to successful change that really make a difference. 1. Tell Them … [Read more...]

Cloud Computing in the Government

Cloud computing in the government, at first mention, sounds like a great idea, especially during times when the federal government is challenged to operate with fewer and fewer resources. The financial benefits of a cloud system are obvious in terms of up-front costs alone. However, for government agencies to meet their goals and missions, they … [Read more...]

Public Value and Investment Analysis in Government

Both private and government organizations make large investments in resources such as labor, technology, machinery, and other forms of capital that require a sizable budget, but are justified as eventual cost-savers. Businesses have fairly objective methods of measuring return on investment of such initiatives – revenue growth or profit. Though the … [Read more...]

Innovation: Rethink “Best Practices”

Has the term “best practice,” become industry jargon for a common implementation, technique, principle, or simple way of doing business that becomes widely adopted in organizations? If so, then "best practice" is a complete misnomer. There are a growing number of voices in leading organizations who believe that this is the case. In a world in which … [Read more...]