Experts Predict Public Sector Will Embrace Gamification

The notion that managers should think more like game designers isn't new, but experts in the gamification field now predict that game theory principles will catch on best among managers in Federal, state and local government, as well as non-profits. According to professors Dan Hunter and Kevin Werbach, authors of the bestselling book "For The … [Read more...]

Tips for Designing Effective Meetings

Your employees and colleagues are usually just as busy as you are, so when you call a meeting, it is your responsibility to make it efficient so you can all accomplish what you need to do in the meeting and be able to get back to your other tasks. One of the best ways to do this is by designing your meeting intentionally, ideally spending more time … [Read more...]

How the Analytical Hierarchy Process Enables Better Decision-Making

The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a method of decision-making that provides a way for organizations or individuals to place calculated weights and importance on various options. By quantifying the essential criteria, the final decision is often easier to see than simply trying to make sense of varying levels of importance and preference … [Read more...]