Government Social Media Impact

Social media is a powerful tool for organizations of all types, including governments. Government agencies can use social media to interact with people and other organizations, raise awareness about key issues, deliver important messages to citizens and more. In order to gain the most benefit from social media use, government agencies must … [Read more...]

Assessing Reengineering Results

This is the final article in a three-article series summarizing the GAO Business Process Reengineering Assessment Guide. This article is intended to provide a summary of the framework provided by GAO for implementing new processes and assessing results. Some Federal Government Agencies employ business process reengineering on a regular basis. In … [Read more...]

The Future of Government Digital Services

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) recently launched its 18F Team; a digital services delivery team dedicated to the implementation of innovative digital and web services within the Federal Government. Named for the GSA location at 18th and F Streets, the team is composed of 16 industry professionals working to facilitate productive … [Read more...]

Managing Business Process Reengineering

Business process reengineering in support of mission objectives is a valuable effort. The GAO Business Process Reengineering Assessment Guide provides a framework for assessing reengineering efforts in pursuit of significant cost savings and performance improvement. This is the second article in a three-article series summarizing the GAO guide. … [Read more...]

Integrating Performance and Budget

In order to manage government agencies effectively, leaders make budgeting decisions to support mission objectives. Ideally, decision-makers take the performance information of various programs into consideration, and by understanding and analyzing the implications of budgeting decisions to fund one alternative over another, leaders can determine … [Read more...]

Creating Buy-In for Telework

The Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 directed agencies to establish policies and procedures for telework and was intended to allow employee work/life balance while allowing the Federal Government more options for managing its workforce. Despite several years of established telework policies, a recent survey shows that one-third of respondents … [Read more...]

Trending Everyday: Business Process Reengineering

Business process reengineering may not be at the forefront of what is trending on today’s social media sites, but it is always worthwhile for agencies to periodically reassess how effective organizational processes are in meeting mission goals. To this end, we are revisiting the GAO Business Process Reengineering Assessment Guide. This is the … [Read more...]

Risk Management Lessons from the GAO

The National Defense Authorization Act directed the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to annually assess a sampling of Department of Defense (DOD) major automated information system (MAIS) programs. The act requires that the GAO assess programs in terms of cost, schedule and performance targets, risk management practices, and acquisition best … [Read more...]

Decision-Making Tools for Better Outcomes

The ability to make a decision with a high probability of a successful outcome is one of the most coveted skills in the business world. Choosing between divergent paths can often spell the difference between organizational growth and stagnation. Innovation and success can come about as the result of thoughtful and strategic decisions, but some … [Read more...]

Best Practices for Big Data Adoption

Despite the fact that the public sector has fallen behind private industry in embracing Big Data, recent survey results suggest that Big Data analytics are beginning to drive management decisions in government. In the recent GovLoop Guide, Innovations that Matter: Examining the Big Data Frontier, 73% of public-sector employees surveyed said that … [Read more...]