About InnovateGov

InnovateGov.org is a platform for thought leaders to share and collaborate in bringing  innovation to the public  sector. We are not a political  entity, but simply a corporate social responsibility initiative of Changeis, Inc. (www.changeis.com).

Our focus is to foster innovation that leads to increased  organizational effectiveness in the public sector and re-affirm the position of the US as a social and economic leader.

We define innovation as applying the concepts and lessons from multiple disciplines to create new pathways for organizational  effectiveness. To achieve this objective, we need our partners to target specific issues with creative solutions. For instance, applications in behavioral psychology could be used to create new incentives for the federal workforce or insights from journalism could help enhance public sector communications.

Collaboration with InnovateGov will allow professional development groups, associations and networks to:

  • Lead change in public sector administration
  • Promote their profession to a large target audience across the public sector
  • Promote thought leadership & advancement opportunities for their membership
  • Increase members through greater awareness of the association
  • Attract professionals who would like to publish with InnovateGov
  • Cross-pollinate with other professional development organizations

If you see your profession as a part of the solution, let’s get in touch. 

703-348-9669 x101

No fees are involved in partnering with us.