The Art of Innovation

The Art of Innovation is an insightful book written by Tom Kelly of the Silicon Valley design and development firm IDEO. IDEO is well known for bringing innovative products to the market, including Polaroid’s I-Zone instant camera, the Palm V, and the apple mouse. The firm has credited its success to “a culture and process for continuous innovation.” In this book, Kelly reveals the strategies employed by IDEO to churn out cutting edge products.

If you are a leader wanting to foster a culture of innovation in your product or service organization, this book provides useful tools, including an insight into the IDEO problem-solving method:

“-Carefully observing the behavior or “anthropology” of the people who will be using a product or service

-Brainstorming with high-energy sessions focused on tangible results

-Quickly prototyping ideas and designs at every step of the way

-Cross-pollinating to find solutions from other fields

-Taking risks, and failing your way to success

-Building a “Greenhouse” for innovation”

The Art of Innovation is available on Amazon and various other online outlets.

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