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A fast and easy guide to Agile/Scrum principles for any organization

The philosophy of Agile is to collaborate as much as possible with your teams and clients to build quality products that ship early and often, while learning and re-learning as you go. The Scrum approach organizes business priorities around short team sprints that yield incremental improvement. If you find yourself at the helm of a team, The Agile Pocket Guide will guide you in implementing Agile and Scrum principles through organizational change and by bringing personal ownership into the equation.

Discover how to develop products, services, and software quickly and efficiently by adhering to the basic tenets of the Scrum framework, as well as how to apply the processes and steps required to become agile, regardless of the swiftness of your team or the level of bureaucracy in your organization. In this straightforward and practical handbook, you’ll learn:

  • The dynamics of a successful Agile environment
  • The very basics of Scrum and how to employ them quickly
  • Practical questions to ask the Team Leader as well as the Team
  • How to build an environment of communication and collaboration for the entire organization

The Agile Pocket Guide will be available later this month on Amazon

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