Can Innovation Be Accelerated with Software?


Upon hearing the phrase “innovation software,” there are some who may look upon the term with skepticism. It could be viewed as a gimmick; innovation has generally been regarded as an innate ability of visionaries and exceptional teams of thinkers. Could there really be an algorithmic, software-driven approach to something as intangible as … [Read more...]

A Look at How DARPA Approaches Innovation


Many people perhaps identify the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) with its most famous investment, ARPANET. Of course, ARPANET, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, was the genesis of the modern internet. However, DARPA has quietly had a hand in a good number of other innovations that have come … [Read more...]

Crowdsourcing for Government Entities: New Solutions for Today’s Economy


Tighter budgets, decreased revenues, and citizen demands have left government entities, large and small, scrambling to adjust. Maintaining or enhancing current levels of service with dwindling dollars is a substantial challenge. What are the most innovative, cost-effective avenues available to address this dilemma? Enter … [Read more...]

Cloud Computing in the Government


Cloud computing in the government, at first mention, sounds like a great idea, especially during times when the federal government is challenged to operate with fewer and fewer resources. The financial benefits of a cloud system are obvious in terms of up-front costs alone. However, for government agencies to meet their goals and missions, they … [Read more...]

Innovation: Rethink “Best Practices”


Has the term “best practice,” become industry jargon for a common implementation, technique, principle, or simple way of doing business that becomes widely adopted in organizations? If so, then "best practice" is a complete misnomer. There are a growing number of voices in leading organizations who believe that this is the case. In a world in … [Read more...]

Experts Predict Public Sector Will Embrace Gamification


The notion that managers should think more like game designers isn't new, but experts in the gamification field now predict that game theory principles will catch on best among managers in Federal, state and local government, as well as non-profits. According to professors Dan Hunter and Kevin Werbach, authors of the bestselling book "For The … [Read more...]